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WOMEN & CHILDREN Health issues and medical malpractice claims relating to women’s and children’s health are of particular interest. The firm is woman owned and operated. Many women and children are more comfortable talking with another woman and mother. There is no easy way to discuss sensitive health information. Knowing you will have a focused and compassionate listener by your side can make the process more comfortable.

Women’s health concerns are often brushed off and misinterpreted as related to stressors of a busy woman’s, wife’s and mother’s life. Medical providers often tell women to try to relax, offer anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications or suggest a vacation will make it all better. Perhaps it is just stress, hormones, lack of work-life balance, or any host of other explanations. Or maybe it isn’t. Women’s bodies respond to and recover differently after traumas and procedures. Women are often highly in tune with their own obviously different natural rhythms and responses. Every woman instinctually knows when something is wrong. When a medical provider doesn’t listen and it delays treatment or results in incorrect or ineffective treatment, the injuries are painful to endure and emotionally tolling.
Children can have a difficult time identifying their real symptoms and the causes of their pain and suffering. Medical errors made when treating a child can have devastating life-long consequences. They can render tender years while a child forms her/his personality the hardest. Children need an advocate they feel they can talk to, but also one they can sense has control.

There are no shortage of ways women’s and children’s health concerns and medical malpractice claims overlap.

Perhaps you have concerns about trying to get pregnant, complications during pregnancy, or the devastating loss of a fetus or newborn. Maybe you were able to successfully get pregnant only to have a frightening delivery and learn your infant will have permanent injuries.

Regardless of the concern you may have, you can rest assured that you will be speaking with an attorney who has experience with the area of medicine.
Let Julie’s experience handling these types of claims be your asset. Please request a consultation to discuss any of the following types of cases:
  • Complications of In Vitro fertilization
  • Brain injured infants
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Complications due to failure to monitor fetal heart rate
  • Complications due to failure to timely perform a cesarean section
  • Complications of pre-term labor
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Placental abruption
  • Loss of a fetus
  • Stillbirths
  • Maternal death
  • Obstetrical and gynecological complications
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
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